Our vision

To give everyone the advice and insight they need to create a world that works better together.

Management team

Emoquo is brought to you by our highly experienced board and executive management team. They have deep and broad experience building businesses from scratch, leading transformation programmes in large organisations, and working at executive levels within global corporates.


Abigail Rappoport


As an executive at Microsoft, Abigail launched Office 365 to market. She also led a successful IPO of a startup business. With extensive corporate and SMB experience, she brings strong leadership and bold vision to Emoquo.


Tim Aston

Founder and Chief Product Officer

Tim has over 25 years’ experience leading large-scale behavioural change projects for global brands, including HBOS and Citi. A proven, inspired entrepreneur, he’s taken two startups to a successful exit and drives the Emoquo product forward.


Jim Bailey

Chief Financial Officer

Jim’s raised tens of millions for startups and has completed 40+ merger and acquisition deals. He was also behind an early cloud services startup and brings significant tech and finance expertise to Emoquo.

Meet some of our experts

Emoquo’s core senior team are supported by an incredibly talented team of over 25 qualified experts including consultants, business coaches, therapists and creators. Their diverse range of skills, experience and perspectives enables us to offer a comprehensive set of example situations and expert advice, that people can act on right away – to set real change in motion.

› Lynne Walker
› Ruth D’Alessandro
› Karen Fleming
› Angela Massey
› Neil Marshall

› Rebecca Fishman
› Mike Boud
› Lisa Peett
› Mike Carter
› Debbie Fuller

Meet the team

› Abigail Rappoport
› Tim Aston
› Jim Bailey
› Ally Owen
› Kit Brennan
› Andreas Petrilli

› Ruth Harper
› Sumeera Zafar
› Vic Gethin
› Robbie Moore
› Luke Wilson-Mawer
› Andreea Dinu
› Jess Martin