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Emoquo FAQ’s

What is Emoquo?

A digital coaching app that builds confidence, emotional resilience and mental health.

Personal digital coaching sessions are driven by chatbot technology and machine learning.

There are hundreds of topics to choose from including, managing time, enhancing performance, influencing others, managing my team and communication.

More companies realise that coaching delivers results – giving everyone access whenever they need it.

How does it work?

The app digitally replicates a coaching session using coaching questions, prompts and self-reflection techniques. It gives you personalised and contextual guidance – based on input from over 25 coaches and therapists, about how to deal with your particular challenge.

How do people access it?

Using any mobile device or computer.

Why do companies buy it?

To support employees 24/7 around workplace issues. It’s purchased as a learning tool and a preventative mental health tool.

How would we buy it?

We offer annual Emoquo subscriptions per employee. Starting from 25+ employees. They can access it 24 hours a day, anytime of the week and it’s available throughout their employment with you.

How quickly it is to set up in our organisation?

It’s really easy and quick to set up users on the Emoquo system. Once entered in the system you can go live straight away. We are GDPR compliant.

How do we renew?

You’re automatically renewed at the end of the year unless you specify otherwise.

How do we measure success?

Emoquo provides a real-time Dashboard that measures emotional resilience and the real issues and behaviours impacting the culture.

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