Feels like a real conversation

We’ve decoded thousands of coaching conversations and created an award winning coaching app that digitally emulates a coaching conversation.


We’re here to make things better by giving people a confidential digital coach.

Emoquo offers practical coaching advice to your employees to resolve everyday workplace challenges quickly, easily and in confidence. We make things easier by providing a pathway to mental wellness, regardless of the size or complexity of the organisation.

How we support your organisation

Empowered and confident employees, better emotional resilience and a more productive workforce.


Via the app, employees get personalised advice that builds confidence and resilience for everyday challenges at work.

Measurable results

Management, HR, and Wellbeing teams access the Emoquo Dashboard. Actionable insight helps to spot challenges early and predict future changes.

100% Confidential

Protecting people’s anonymity is crucial. Reporting is aggregated and anonymised for complete peace of mind.


Emoquo supports employees 24/7.

Employees use the app to get help and support, in the moment. They are guided through a digital coaching journey that increases self awareness, gives practical advice and the confidence to make the change. We’re building people’s resilience everyday.

How we support employees

Emoquo identifies specific issues and offers tailored guidance to address the problem so your employees can live a better work life.

Improve confidence

Get personalised help and advice without having to open up to someone. Feel safe finding help and advice via the confidential app to boost your confidence.

Expert advice

We work with 25 qualified business coaches, therapists and learning professionals. We have codified thousands of coaching conversations to bring you the best advice for your particular needs.

Accessible 24/7

Instead of booking a session with a coach, Emoquo is a coach in your pocket. Available on all devices, giving you expert knowledge and advice, as and when you need it.

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