How to Manage Workplace Rudeness

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How to Manage Workplace Rudeness

Workplace rudeness happens everywhere. We’re here to show you how to deal with it in just a few minutes using Emoquo – a digital workplace resilience app for all kinds of challenging workplace situations.

According to research by Gallup*, 3 out of 10 people felt they were not treated with respect in 2018 (Source: Gallup: Global Emotions Report, 2018)

How Emoquo can help manage rudeness at work

You’ve probably come across friends or colleagues moaning about co-workers. It’s a big deal and can create unpleasant feelings for all involved, contributing to stress and affecting our day to day lives.

Whilst many companies have policies and best practices in place to intervene and take action when incidents happen or are reported, we can help you tackle it when you need to the most using Emoquo’s digital coach. It can help to:

  • manage emotions before the encounter
  • think about what’s in it for you
  • see how it looks from the other person’s perspective
  • get the other person’s view of events

You can read more pro tips and how to deal with rude situations in our insightful Rudeness Guide

Benefits of using the app

The Emoquo web app is accessible via mobile device or desktop anywhere and at any time. Simply login and navigate to the topic you need help with the most in that moment e.g. Rudeness,  then watch the workplace scenarios and review the expert advice.

It takes just a few minutes to process the knowledge and you’ll feel a lot better to approach the rudeness situation.

Emoquo by your side

Having Emoquo by your side 24/7 can help with the everyday situations and behaviours at work that get your down or hold you back. It delivers confidential and personalised micro-coaching sessions.

With over 100 hours of concentrated insights and advice, it’s accessible, highly practical and provides
independent support as and when you need it. You can rely on it even when you have as little as 3 minutes to spare.

Ready to get your hands on Emoquo for yourself? We’ll you’re in luck, we have a special offer – get access to Emoquo for just £1 per user per month*

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