Inspiring quotes from successful women

Work 180 are an advocate for working women providing job seekers with diverse and inclusive employers. They’ve produced an inspiring report featuring quotes from of the UK’s most successful women including Emoquo’s CEO Abigail.

It shows that success is achievable, despite the obstacles we face every day.

The task: share one piece of advice to pass on to the network of women seeking careers.
The idea: the quotes are to motivate and inspire and also to remind women everywhere that anything is possible.

Here are a few of our favourites:

“In my experience at work one of the most important skills is resilience. We all have bad meetings or bad days; but a key element of
career success is the ability to learn from these but also put them behind you. I start every single day fresh, untainted by the events of the day before and with a positive outlook”
Liv Garfield CEO Business woman of the year 2018, SEVERN TRENT

“Look for people that inspire you and ask them to help you along the way. And most of all, realise that emotional intelligence is the key to unlocking your potential and growing as a person and progressing in your career.”
Abigail Rappaport CEO Emoquo

“Don’t underestimate the power of kindness, it’s not often a quality associated with developing your career. Kindness will help you
to grow relationships, build teams, broaden your network and in turn your sphere of influence. Above all being kind to yourself will
help you build resilience in challenging times.”
Lisa Humphreys UK Strategy Development Director at WPP & Managing Partner MEDIACOM

“Surround yourself with like-minded business people and learn from them. It can feel lonely but there are great business support networks. Build a great team around you with the right cultural fit / shared vision. With a great team, the lows aren’t as low and the highs are much higher. Enjoy the journey.”
You can plan ahead, but inevitably,
these plans change when the time comes.”
Juliet Barratt CMO and Co Founder GRENADE

And finally one more that might resonate with tech start ups like ourselves:

“Don’t be afraid to own what you know and ask questions about what you don’t. And make time to connect. Women don’t network in the same way as men and this can create barriers, especially for start-ups that live or die by the relationships they build in their early years.”

Jill Hodges Founder and CEO FIRE TECH

Download the Work 180 report to read more inspirational and practical quotes like these: Words Between Women UK

Source: Words between Women report 2018,Work 180

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