It’s petty...isn’t it

Every department of every business has conflict between people, ranging from minor personality clashes and feelings of resentment through to major instances of bullying.

It's not petty. Not in productivity terms.
And we can prove it.

What is the impact of negative behaviours on productivity in your company?

We've done our research. One hundred organisations told us how much demoralising behaviours are costing their organisations in terms of wasted time. Their conclusions are a wake-up call.

What’s it costing your organisation?

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Number of employees: 500
Affected employees (36%): 180
Hours per day (7): 1,260 Amount of time wasted (16%): 202
Cost at minimum wage (£6.70): £1,351
Cost per week: £6,754 Cost over a year (47 weeks): £317,419

A thousand positive experiences

Across a whole organisation, a thousand positive experiences add up to a powerful difference. You can't make people feel better at work. You can't bully or threaten them into re-thinking their attitude. When you show you care about their well-being, you'll get their co-operation, loyalty and goodwill back, in spades.

Multiply this by the number of people who work for you and you'll begin to understand the difference.

emoquo helps people feel better and do better at work.
And everyone’s a winner.

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Intelligent pricing solutions

emoquo is flexible, adaptable, responsive. You can choose how to access our product according to your needs.

Three simple solutions


emoquo Genesis

A ready-made solution containing 30 core emoquo scenarios covering the main topics all employees need help with. These include conflict, performance, bullying, coaching and many more.

The emoquo scenarios found within Genesis are applicable and relevant across all business types. New scenarios are continually being added.


emoquo Guru

Complementing Genesis, we also offer a customised service delivering a co-branded solution which enables you to choose from a larger selection of emoquo scenarios.

Following an initial deployment session, emoquo experts will help you to choose the right scenarios to align with your business needs, competency frameworks and employee engagement strategies.


emoquo Bespoke

For specific requirements not currently met by Genesis or Guru, emoquo is able to create bespoke scenarios for you. We use a proven process to create the scenarios, ensuring the best possible results.

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One simple pricing model

Enterprise license

This enables everyone in your organisation to have access to emoquo. Dealing with demoralising behaviours can’t be planned for. They could affect anyone at any time - regardless of seniority. Our enterprise licence has been competitively priced so you can support all employees and colleagues and show you care.

An enterprise licence gives you maximum flexibility. Employees can access emoquo in private; employers can use it for one-to-one coaching sessions or in a classroom.

  • Access to all emoquo scenarios
  • 24/7 access for 12 months
  • Use emoquo as and when they need it
  • Additional new scenarios added monthly
  • Monthly reporting (anonymous)
  • Use emoquo in classroom sessions
  • Use emoquo in one-to-one coaching sessions

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