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emoquo is making waves in the people skills space. The market for our product is global. All organisations benefit from positive, productive people.
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emoquo works with leading organisations who specialise in promoting better business.

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There are two kinds of opportunities for potential partners.

Reseller partners

There’s nothing else out there that delivers like emoquo. When you understand this and can see the incredible potential of our product,
we’d like you to sell it to your existing clients, to use it to generate new clients and of course, to make a good profit along the way.

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Authorised referral partners

Individuals and organisations alike are recommending emoquo, because they are so impressed by what it can achieve. To encourage further recommendation, we’re rewarding it. For every referral that turns into a paid account, we’ll pay a recurring commission on emoquo subscriptions. In practice, this means that the more ongoing users of emoquo you recommend, the more commission you will earn.

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Is the most comprehensive source of compliance, good practice and benchmarking information available. Our award-winning team of in-house editors, lawyers and subject specialists work with more than 100 expert external contributors to produce and update the resources you need to do your job, whatever your HR role.

emoquo fits perfectly with our service and has generated a lot of interest among our clients

David Shepherd, Product Director

Venture Secure specialises in developing job structures in support of organisational design, pay & grade structures, career development, talent & learning frameworks. We have an established client list including many large and well known UK, European and global organisations.

We introduced ‘emoquo’ to a European motor manufacturer who recently extended their contract with ‘emoquo’ for a 3rd successive year; our client strongly values ‘emoquo’ and recognises the contribution the approach has made to improving the competency, contribution and performance of their customer service, retail and sales staff.

Richard Beardall, Managing Director

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Cherington HR is based in South Worcestershire and provides a pragmatic and tailored people management service for businesses in the region. Run by experienced HR consultant Helen Astill, Cherington HR helps businesses improve their performance through their people and deals with a wide variety of people management situations. The consultancy specialises in delivering impartial practical advice. Helen works personally with her clients to define the key issues affecting their business to agree the priorities to be tackled, with recommendations and implementation of constructive solution.

Working as an independent HR consultant means that I come across many clients who are struggling to deal with situations resulting from poor employee interactions or dysfunctional teams. Being able to recommend emoquo to help their staff to improve their working relationships is a great addition to my HR toolbox and complements their learning and development activities well. emoquo’s structured approach is what sets it apart from other online training providers.

Helen Astill, Managing Director

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