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Our vision

To give everyone the advice and insight they need to create a world that works better together.

We transform people

Our coaching app creates lasting change as it gets to the root of issues. This is more effective than top-down approaches to employee engagement. Start improving your work-life today.

Credible advice

Emoquo’s content is built with the expertise from over 25 qualified experts including coaches, therapists, learning professionals and body language experts.

Better conversations

Simple questions from Emoquo help users define the challenge and get personalised knowledge fast. Helping them feel more confident with every day workplace scenarios

Mental health matters in business

Workplace conflict can happen everywhere and it’s bad for business.

  • 68% of people have mental health problems at work, yet only 10% seek help*
  • Poor mental health costs employers between £33 billion to £42 billion a year**


Our solution builds resilience every day

We’re here to remove workplace worries with a digital coaching app for managers and employees to get support in the moment.

  • It increases self-awareness, gives practical advice and the confidence to make the change.
  • Organisations have access to a real-time heatmap of what’s really going on.
  • It measures levels of emotional resilience and behaviours influencing their culture. Employee engagement surveys simply cannot provide this level of depth
  • People feel safe to use Emoquo as all data is aggregated and anonymised.

*(Source: Mind 2018) **(Source: Thriving at Work: the Stevenson/Farmer Review on mental health and employers 2017)

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