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This is where you find our products. It’s a store full of Emotional Intelligence solutions where you can pick and mix the ones you need most for your situation.

R@W Teams

The World’s first team App blending tech, science, real-time data and powerful questions to help teams work better together in challenge, change and uncertainty.

  • Tested by 140 universities and used by over 4,000 organisations globally
  • Unique revealing data to support strategic decision making
  • Supports team to work better together during times of pressure and uncertainty
  • Fast tracks innovation and problem solving
  • Promotes inclusiveness, honesty and transparent accountability

My Guru

In the moment emotional intelligence coaching for early years employees

  • 1,000 Short, engaging, practical insights and guidance on everyday challenges
  • Easy to set-up, highly personalised digital coaching app for all employees
  • Anonymised data taken from app usage identifies behavioural trends that impact the business
  • Dashboard showing the organisations cultural reality to influence strategic decision making

Gen. Healthy Minds

In the moment wellbeing coaching for early years employees

  • A series of 30 minute development plans
  • Practical wellbeing advice and tools
  • Designed to develop Emotional Intelligence
  • Insight into the learning needs of your people

Kiss the Fish

Sales coaching for novice to experienced salespeople

  • Teaches the new approach to selling through the ‘Know’ method
  • Interactive exercises to embed learning
  • Unique My Guru coaching support as part of programme
  • Stage assessments to monitor learning take up